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Your head in my hand, boy, 2019

brass bar, sequin and satin ribbon on fabric,

80 x 24 x 6cm | 81 x 24 x 6cm | 72 x 24 x 6cm [each one]

A noite não adormecerá jamais nos olhos nossos, Baró Galeria, São Paulo/Brazil

In a biblical episode, Judith beheads Holofernes, an Assyrian general, with the help of her maid and this scene is immortalized in several paintings throughout history.


Based on this theme, I present in Your head in my hand, boy a reworking of the formats traditionally used for making structures that work as flags or banners handled in various popular manifestations. Having Holofernes’ head in his hands proposes a reflection beyond the head of that individual itself, but what the head of a man cut off by a woman, who in doing so saved an entire people, represents in a society in which every two hours a woman is murdered in hate crimes motivated by gender.

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