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WOMAN, 2020.jpg

WO̶M̶A̶N is one of the works that make up the homonymous series in which the words woman and women are highlighted in different places in the writing. The choice to cross out the letters man and men seeks an aesthetic exercise where the idea of a male presence is removed from within the word. With this withdrawal, a turnaround by absence, a knockout, walkover, wo, guarantees the existence of one of the genres.

WO̶M̶A̶N, 2021

cotton thread embroidered on fabric.

27 x 37cm

26 - WO I, 2021.JPG

WO, 2021

watercolor and acrylic paint on cotton paper.

32 x 24cm


Walk over, 2019

cotton thread embroidered on fabric.

32 x 25cm


Study for Artemísia vulgaris, 2019

cotton thread embroidered on fabric.
40 x 26cm


Addio, Oloferne, 2019

graphite pencil, lipstick and cotton thread embroidered by hand on fabric.
37,5 x 32,5cm

Como falar de violências sem ser violenta? How to talk about violence without being violent?, 2019

graphite pencil and cotton thread on fabric.
25.5 x 25.5cm / 25.5 x 24.5cm each

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