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open process LAVAGEM | ABLUTION, 2018


Duration: 1 hour

Casa Triângulo, São Paulo/SP

Performance performed at Casa Triângulo by artists Bruna Amaro, Juliana dos Santos and Daniel Lie at the exhibition Filhes do Fim by Daniel Lie.

Registro Processo Aberto Performance Lavagem/Ablution, 2018
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Registration of the Open Process of body experiments for the installation and performance LAVAGEM / ABLUTION, held in the exhibition Filhes do Fim, by Daniel Lie. This action took place at Casa Triângulo in March 2018 and started with movements and acts based on Afro-descendant and Asian dances and rituals. LAVAGEM / ABLUTION is a performative and installative action created by Juliana dos Santos, Bruna Amaro, and Daniel Lie, opened at the Bouge B Festival, Antwerp, Belgium, in April 2018.

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