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Daninha, 2022

three-channel video installation on embroidery.
E se nada houvesse entre nós, São Paulo/SP. Curator: Clarissa Ximenes.

A term used to refer to a type of plantation that grows undesirably, “Daninha” is made from audio, video, and embroidery recordings created after a series of solitary walks by the artist through the territory around her place of an artistic residence. The same route taken in different situations – sometimes in a group, in pairs, or alone – triggered reflections and sensations arising from the experience of the woman’s body in the world: how it is projected into the landscape and what it raises.

Get around the uncharted territory for 10 days.
Walk along two roads and a track with a total of 6km for some of these 10 days.


This was one of the procedures I used with the intention of raising my awareness of the territory of Serrinha do Alambari. Such walks were crucial for the reflections that I present in Daninha.


Is a woman walking alone part of the landscape?
What are the landscapes for a woman's body?
How to walk alone without fear?


These and other questions surrounded me throughout the residency while I proposed to walk in different formations: sometimes in groups, in pairs, but mostly alone. This walk alone was strongly connected with reflections that are part of my poetics, in which I present issues related to gender violence, however, bringing them to a personal sphere.


My walks were recorded in photo, video, audio, mapped by apps, and embroidered at the end. At the beginning and during this process, such materials were produced without the intention of a final product; were being collected in order to record and keep the sensations experienced at the time with as much detail as I could. Daninha began to take shape while still in the residency: a sketch outlined in the first lines written about my first walk alone. This sketch, initially about an individual experience, turned out to be collective when I read these same lines to the other resident artists.

Excerpt from the video that makes up the installation.

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