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Com quantos nós se faz uma rede? Ato 1

(How many of us do a network? Act 1), 2018

Immersive installation | gourds, sisal, glass and water

Casa Aberta, São Paulo/SP

How many of us do a network? Act 1 is an immersive installation conceived from participations, experiences and aesthetic references found in some of the Afro-Brazilian religions and in the spaces that sell the materials and objects necessary for the performance of their services, among them the stores of religious articles.

The first work of this set is formed by a large cascade of sixty gourds intertwined with sisal ropes, which descend towards the ground and disperse on the ground.


Gourd water was an immersive proposition that integrated the installation. In it, a gourd with drinking water, placed on top of a small wooden trunk, was available to those who were thirsty. This gourd went through the curing process where, for 21 days, it received water changes until it became a container free from the bitterness of the fruit.

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